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Wellness Club – Membership

Many years ago massage therapy was a luxury, whereas, today while still a luxury it is also a necessity. Our massage therapist are trained to: relieve your pain by getting to the root of the problem, help you loose inches off your waistline, help expectant mothers handle the beautiful, yet stressful time of pregnancy using their unmatched knowledge, experience and certification.  All of these benefits while you relax in a soothing and professional environment. Wellness Club Benefits are:

    1. 1 hour full body massage of choice
      • Deep tissue
      • Aromatherapy
      • Hot stone massage
      • Prenatal
      • Sports massage
      • Therapeutic massage
    2. Unlimited massages at discounted rate
    3. 1 on 1 therapeutic plans according to your needs
    4. Innovative techniques and equipment 
    5. Receive our certified therapies at package price (call for details)
      • Medical massage
      • Raindrop therapy
      • Craniosacral therapy
      • Lypossage
      • Vacuum therapy
      • Anti-cellute treatment

Best part of your membership is that there is not sign up fees contracts or cancellations fees.

Give someone the gift of a massage membership you choose the time frame they can choose to continue or cancel.

Have your gift certificate in your inbox in minutes.

Heaven On Earth where stress and pain meet their end!


Refer a friend or family member and receive a free massage when they join in the membership program

Want to share with your special one. You can share your membership with your special one or buy additional during the month as a gift for the same rate!

Black Friday special – get a 50% off when buying a gift certificate Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!